The types of commercial property that can be listed for sale or rent on the MLS include: Apartment Buildings, Automotive Service, Educational, Food Service, Hotel/Motel, Industrial, Land/Lot, Medical/Dental, Mobile Home Park, Office Building, Religious, Recreational/Resort and Retail Stores



  • SOUTH FLORIDA Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.
  • ORLANDO/CENTRAL FLORIDA - Orange, Seminole, Lake, Polk, Osceola and West Volusia Counties.
  • TAMPA BAY - Hillsborough County.
  • SARASOTA - Sararsota, Charlotte and Manatee Counties.
  • TALLAHASSEE AREA - Leon, Franklin, Jefferson & Wakulla Counties.
  • JACKSONVILLE / NORTHEAST FLORIDA - Duval, Clay, Putnam and Nassau Counties.
  • PENSACOLA - Pensacola Beach, Milton, Catonment, Navarre.
Complete the Commercial Data Form and be listed in less than 24 hours. We will need the data form, a signed listing agreement and the $349 payment to list your commercial real estate.

Dear Florida Real Estate Investor,

Take a few minutes and let us show you how to take advantage of our commercial property listing service. In less than five minutes you will know exactly, step by step, everything you need to know to sell or rent your Florida property easily and with great savings.

A powerful and remarkable marketing tool like the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) has been a sure-fire success formula used by listing agents for decades.

The MLS Revealed...

The Multiple Listing Service is the most powerful marketing tool ever created to sell real estate in Florida. It's time tested and proven! 

What is the MLS? And what can it do for me when selling by owner?

The MLS is an extensive database of information on real estate properties listed by local Florida Realtors. A tool available exclusively to the 900,000+ members of the National Association of Realtors.
The Multiple Listing Service provides the biggest marketing advantage in selling real estate. When a potential buyer or renter contacts a Realtor regarding a property purchase or rental, the agent will search the "MLS" for properties meeting their criteria. If a Realtor finds a buyer for your real estate you will only pay a 3% commission, or whatever percentage you offer, of the sales price.

This kind of exposure is not available anywhere else...

NORTHEAST FLORIDA REGIONAL MLS (JACKSONVILLE) - We are MLS members of the Northeast Florida Multiple Listing Service has over 8000 listings in Duval, Clay, Putnam, Nassau and portions of St. Johns Counties. The Northeast Florida Association of Realtors is headquartered in Jacksonville and is the largest trade association in the area with more than 3300 Realtor members.

ORLANDO / MID FLORIDA REGIONAL MLS -  We are members of the Mid-Florida Regional Multiple Listing Service which is comprised of many Central Florida real estate boards with thousands of Realtor members and includes the Orlando Regional Realtor Association, Tampa, Greater Lake, Osceola, East Polk, Bartow, West Volusia, Sarasota, Manatee County, Englewood, Venice, Port Charlotte and Lakeland Associations of Realtors. When we place your property on the Mid-Florida Regional MLS it will be exposed to all Realtor members in the counties of Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole & West Volusia, Hillsborough, Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte and many more.

SOUTH FLORIDA (BOCA RATON - MIAMI - FORT LAUDERDALE - WEST PALM BEACH) - We are members of the Southeast Florida Regiona MLS (Broward and Dade County) and the Regional MLS ( Palm Beach County). Property listings placed in the the Southeast Florida Regional MLS will also appear in Palm Beach County.  A survey of the country's top 50 multiple listing services has rated the Southeast Florida Regional MLS 3RD out of 630 nationwide and the Palm Beach Regional MLS was rated 26TH out of 630 MLS systems. The Southeast Florida Regional MLS has over 28,000 members and there are 10,000 plus members in the Regional MLS (Palm Beach). Tens of thousands of local Realtors in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties will have access to South Florida listings! The Southeast Regional MLS has several Realtor Board members: Realtors Association of Greater Fort Lauderdale, Realtor Association of Dade County, The Realtor Association of Greater Miami & the Beaches, Northwestern Dade Association of Realtors, South Broward Board of Realtors.

TALLAHASSEE BOARD OF REALTORS - We are memebers of the Tallahassee MLS covering Leon, Franklin, Gadsden, Jefferson and Wakulla  Counties.

PENSACOLA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS - We are members of the local Pensacola MLS.

If you are selling or renting your property in Florida you cannot afford not to be listed on the MLS. The MLS offers proven results to sellers, real estate investors, landlords, brokers and agents.

And YES, this is the the same MLS system that your local Realtors use...

To gain the greatest exposure and let the majority of qualified buyers and renters know that your Florida real estate is available you will need to be listed on the MLS.

Listing your property on the MLS informs the local Realtors that your property is available and that their commission is protected when they deliver a qualified buyer. 

You see...Realtors usually avoid for sale by owner commercial properties because they are working with buyers and have no written agreement to be compensated. If the seller has not agreed in writing to pay a commission, the buyer could cut the agent right out of the deal and negotiate directly with the seller.

A startling thought you say...it happens!

With flat fee MLS service, the seller has agreed in writing to pay a commission, usually between 2% and 5% making everyone happy!

That's all it takes to put a massive sales force to work for you!

When you say that you need to keep your hard-earned equity, sell your commercial real estate for top dollar, save time and avoid frustration! You've just described the benefits of our flat fee MLS listing service! 

Good Reasons To Consider Our Florida Flat Fee MLS Program

  • This is not a typical for sale by owner rip-off service that places your real estate on an outdated web site with a worthless virtual tour. This is the Realtor MLS which represents the largest trade organization in the world, the National Association of Realtors!
  • The power of the MLS is cooperation and compensation. The majority of listed properties do not sell by the listing office. In actuality, most sales involve two different offices, a listing office and a selling office. This means that it is not as important which office the seller selects to list the property as it is that the property is listed on the MLS.
  • As a member of the National Association of Realtors and several local MLS associations throughout Georgia and Florida we are bound by the standards and ethics of these associations to conduct our business in an honest and ethical manner. As a licensed Georgia and Florida real estate brokerage there are extensive laws that we must follow to serve and protect the best interest of the people in Georgia and Florida. 
Here is a summary of the flat fee MLS benefits you will receive
  • Listing on your MLS...
  • Maximum exposure! Your commercial listing will be available to every local Florida Realtor member of the MLS. You have just hired the largest targeted sales force in your area of Florida to locate a ready, able and willing buyer. 
  • Working with Florida Realtors...
  • Save time, effort and frustration. Sit back and let the Realtors bring you the offers rather than you spending time and money trying to find qualified prospects on your own. 
  • The Marketing plan...
  • The Florida MLS is the best marketing plan for selling or renting your property. Unless you intend to also try and to sell or rent it on your own, you won't need to put together a long drawn out and expensive marketing plan. The MLS is the most powerful system ever developed.
  • Realtor is the intermediary...
  • You won't have to deal directly with the buyer as we have mentioned. This makes the showing and negotiating process much more effective. Everyone usually feels more comfortable with this process. 
  • More and better quality Buyers...
  • Serious buyers like to work with Realtors. It doesn't cost them anything to have their hand held throughout the entire sales process. The buyer is chauffeured to see real estate that meet their requirements. They are told what they need to do and when they need to do it throughout the closing process. And it doesn't cost the buyer anything for this special treatment.
  • Realtors will call you to show your commercial real estate...
  • This is a great benefit for you and for Realtors. You are listed on the MLS listing as the contact person and Realtors will call you directly to schedule a showing of your property and to ask questions about the real estate. It saves a lot of time for everyone. When the potential buyer has a question the agent can get the correct answer immediately by calling you. 
  • The MLS works full time 24/7...
  • When you try to sell your real estate by-owner it is usually a part time effort but Realtors presumably work day and night searching for properties that satisfy their buyers needs. 
  • Eliminates unscrupulous phone calls from listing agents...
  • Once you've listed your property on the MLS you should not receive any more solicitation calls from agents trying to list your real estate.  Its against MLS rules to solicit listed MLS properties! 
  • Inspections monitored by Realtors...
  • Staying on top of the required inspections and closing requirements can be tedious work when selling by-owner. However, you will have the buyer's agent making sure all Inspections are ordered and that all deadlines are met. They don't get paid if the deal doesn't close!
  • Net more money from the sale...
  • Statistics show that property sold on the MLS sells for a higher price. Buyers are NOT trying to get a rebate from you on your commission savings like with for sale by owner properties. WHY? Because they thank that you are already paying a full commission and that there is no huge savings to take advantage of.

Flat fee MLS is a great alternative to traditional real estate listing services with proven results. Offering Realtors a commission, usually 2% to 5%, to bring you a qualified buyer makes the whole FSBO process work with absolute ease.

You see, most people don't mind paying a commission to a buyers agent and that is what our program is all about. This program eliminates half of the typical traditional commission listing agents usually charge. Our goal is to help you sell your real estate and keep your equity in your pocket.

A 2% to 5% commission just to list your commercial real estate for sale is a lot of money.  It really proves to be an overwhelming amount when you break it down. 

While the commission is based on the selling price, its actually paid from your equity. A $6000.00 listing commission is 3% of a $200,000 building. If your equity is $40,000, the actual commission becomes 15%. The commission is based on the sales price and is deducted from your equity in the property at closing. 

Complete the Commercial Data Form and be listed in less than 24 hours. We will need the data form, a signed listing agreement and the $349 payment to list your commercial real estate.

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